Monday, October 13, 2008

One last goodbye.....

~just another Destin sunset...~
~looking for dolphins~ ~much cuter than than the "Skipper" from Gilligan's Island..don't ya think??~
~Joseph and MawMaw enjoying the sunset on the glass bottom boat~
~i just LOVED this little faux lighthouse! ...our hotel is in the background.~

~LOTS of Scrabble was played on this trip..Joseph is hoping there may be a Scrabble Olympics in the near future...~

~Mother Goose and her goslings...~
~separated at birth??~
~my little "Elvis" and his "Priscilla"~ ~cruising on the glass bottom boat~

~Ginger, or decide.... "Forget about the I look cute, mommy?

Last week was Fall break for our school, so what does that mean?? But OF COURSE...another trip to the beach! I know y'all are sick and tired of my posts about beach trips..but this is the last one before the year ends...i promise!

My mom and dad came through like champs with the offer of a beach trip for our could we possibly refuse???

I must say that Destin is quickly becoming one of my favorite "destinations!" (corny with the puns, i know) The white sand and green waters just intoxicate this beach loving gal! And the food, the food....yummmmm!!!

Most of the pictures above were taken on our glass bottom boat ride. Joseph and Presley were mesmerized by this boat and being able to see fish on the bottom deck!! They were so cute to watch together as they checked every detail of the boat out excitedly. We watched the sunset from the starboard side, and it was truly breathtaking. (not really sure which side is starboard, but it sounds pretty nautical..ha!)

Special thanks to Mom and Dad, or better known to the kiddies as MawMaw and PawPaw, for making our Fall break so spectacular!! We love you guys and are so grateful to have been with you for a whole week!!

One last goodbye to the sand between my toes, the tousle in my hair, the smell of sunscreen on my skin, and the sweet serenity of watching the sun rise over the ocean.

Until next year...

back to reality,



Rebekah Hudgins said...

OK, the Elvis impersonation is wild, Jill! Who else's children could do that so well? :) Presley and Joseph are gorgeous!!

There isn't anything sweeter than the pristine gulf and a precious family to share the moments with.

I am so glad you got to have 1 last beach trip and some down time with your mom, Presley and Joseph. I am also glad you are back now! I hope to get to see you soon!


Tracey said...

Your parents are the best! I'm glad you had a great trip!!!

Your kids are precious in the pictures!!