Friday, October 17, 2008

The Great Pumpkin without Charlie Brown....

~My little pumpkins~ ~Having some fun amongst the mums and the pumpkins~
~Look at this beautiful arrangement!!! The Strantz family!~
~Proudly displaying his t-shirt that he won...strong boy that he is!~
~Super Girl, sans her cape and black boots~

~The view from afar...isn't he just the cutest??~ ~Ta Dah!! Here he is...Joseph and Presley so suitably named him...Jack!!~
~Presley may be the next great pumpkin carver in the family as she diligently looks on and takes note of the task at hand~
~The surgeon making the proper incisions as his assistants look on~
~Joseph not liking the goo from the pumpkin on his hands~

Cool days, cooler nights, rustling of leaves under your feet, the smell of bonfires, the trees proudly projecting their art work of the most colorful leaves of the whole year, and watching with my kids one of my most cherised movies, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!! As if Fall wasn't just perfect enough, then you have a day at the Pumpkin Patch with your family! Pure bliss in my little world. We went to Col. Cob's Corn Maze to be exact, it wasn't really a pumpkin patch per say, but a LOT of fun! The Strantz family joined us for this day of Fall excitement! Tyler was just the cutest thing you've ever seen. He ADORES Joseph and Presley, and they adore him just as much. The were so cute posing for our many pictures, and smiling all the way!!

A little bragging on my children is in order. My little pumpkins both won a tractor pull-off! First place, with ribbons, prizes and a t-shirt to boot! Presley beat all 3 AND 4 year old BOYS!! My little go-getter is finally putting her strong will and determination to some good use! And then there is Joseph, the meek child, who beat out 7 and 8 year olds for his title!! They actually had to pull a tractor with weights on it! Actually Joseph had to peddle and Presley had to pull!

We couldn't have been prouder! Who would have thought that our little ones had such talent??

After the contest, we surveyed all the pumpkins they offered and Lem and Joseph found the roundest and prettiest pumpkin in the lot! Last night we finally got the chance to carve our pumpkin. Or, well, Lem did all the carving. We encouraged him from the side lines. Presley was intrigued by all the goo from the pumpkin...Joseph not so much. He thought it stunk and just wanted to get the candle in it already and light it up! Lem was pretty impressive with his carving skills, a fine surgeon he would have made! I love his preciseness, probably because I am so not precise. I am more of a get it done and quickly kind of gal. He on the other hand is particular and precise about everything he does. It's exausting at times but well worth it in the end!!

There is just nothing better than being with your family and making memories that will last a life time. I LIVE for moments like these. Perhaps that is why I love to blog, it helps me to recollect the small, yet priceless pieces of time that I would have probably forgotten if it were not forever encrypted on this blog.

My life is full, my blessings are overflowing. Thank you, Lord.


Mary said...

how great, jill!! so sweet, such wonderful pictures -
i love the concept of blogging and how it perfectly encapsulates our lives for posterity, not to mention for each other (my personal favorite).
lem and chad share the amazingly perfect precision and care while pumpkin-carving. i have some cute pics of joseph and audrey doing the exact same ooey gooey faces when chad carved one with them a few years ago.
loving your favorite time of year, doll!!

Tracey said...

Awww I love your pictures!!! How cute that both of your children won the tractor pull!!! It sounds like y'all had a great time!!!

Loving the fall with you,