Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too much??.......

~a little Halloween scenery as I wash the dishes...this reminds me...i need a Halloween soap dispenser, my other one broke last year~
~The keeping room gets a Halloween face-lift as well...~
~the children's FAVORITE decoration..the lighted spook house...this is beautiful at night when plugged in~
~yes, yes, even the dining room gets an orange and black make-over~
~the spider web and tarantula were a new addition this year~ ~look closely at the little ghost and goblin figurines........BOOOO!~
~One of my most prized Halloween lighted witch hat..isn't she lovely?~
~the kitchen doesn't get a break from the Halloween-y theme~
~more from the kitchen..the candy corn candle smell is pure yummy-ness!~

Can you really have too many Halloween decorations?? I may have to start my own spook house next year if I keep collecting so much stuff! I can't seem to help's just so darn FUN!!!

I actually have to take pictures so that I can remember where everything goes...i have about 4 boxes of decorations!! Can anyone relate, anyone.............anyone???

While we were at Destin, I actually saw a Halloween Christmas Tree...except of course, it was not for Christmas but Halloween!! It had orange and black lights and bats, witches and goblins galore as ornaments!! Spider webs were hung like garland around the tree. Brilliant, Brilliant I say!!

~I can just hear Clinton and Stacy from "What not to Wear" on TLC saying.."It looks like Halloween came to your house and threw up everywhere..." ~

How 'bout a road trip to Destin to purchase the tree which will be 1/2 off or more after Halloween?? Any takers?

starting to scare myself,



Tracey said...

I say no not too much! I love how you decorate for Halloween.... In fact I'm kinda jealous!!! Maybe I'll go shopping after Halloween for next year!!! This is one of your many gifts!!!


Mary said...

I have a splendid idea - since Tracey and I covet your delightful decor, you could split it all 3 ways, part for her, me and of course YOU. Not good? Better yet, let's hop in the car for Destin - we'll pick Tracey up on the way. I know where we can stay!!! Clearing my schedule this weekend. . . :)
Missing our fun Sunday on the beach!

Tracey said...

I had to come back and look again....I'm shocked you don't have anything for the bathroom!!!! I thought you used to?.?.?.?

I'm with Mary if you ever want to split it up to cut down on storing so much, I'm all about your cast aways!!!

I'll so the road trip too!!

The Hill Family said...

Y'all are both so cute! Watch out Destin, here we come!! And YES, Tracey I do have my bathroom decorated..i forgot to take a picture of that! Thanks for the reminder!! I have Halloween soap and hand towels, and of course an orange candle! :D

I am feeling so loved by the two of you...glad you guts "get" me!!

The Hill Family said...

lol..i put glad you "guts" get me..instead of glad you "guys" get me! i must be in halloween mode!! :P