Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Orange" you glad that Fall is here....

~Presley..Fall 2005~ ~My little pumpkins...2005~
~The Pumpkin Keeper..haha~

~Fall 2005~ ~A Halloween party.. Fall 2005~

~Just some pretty Fall-ish photos~

Fall is my favorite time of year!! (besides Christmas, of course!!) The change in the air, the beginning of a fresh school year, Georgia football, shorter days...and of course...Halloween!!! My house now shows all the signs of Fall decor.. or really Halloween decor.

It has been my tradition to put all of our Halloween stuff out while Joseph is at school. There is nothing cuter than seeing him walk through the door and seeing his face light up at all the candles, spooky goblins, ghosts, spiders, and the plethora of things that I have collected throughout the years. He runs around screaming...look, look...yay, yahooooo!!!

Well, this year was a little different...I decided to let the kids help me with the decorations. They could not have been more delighted to carefully put the decor in it's proper locality. Joseph, thankfully, remembered where everything went... which was good because i was having trouble remembering where to put what!

Thanks to the help of my little prince and princess, our home is Halloween ready!!

Mary posted about a few of her favorite things... and i found myself fervently shaking my head at her list, agreeing on every item! So, at the risk of echoing her superior post, i will try my best to come up with a few of my favorite things as well....

~my first cup of coffee in the morning
~my second and third cup as well :)
~presley snuggling up to me on the couch before the sun comes up
~joseph soon waking up and wanting cereal pronto
~singing to my children as soon as their little peeps open..."this is the day, this is the day, this is the day that the Lord hath made, that the Lord hath made..we will rejoice, we will rejoice and be glad in it, and be glad in it."
~lunch or dinner with a friend
~shopping with my mom and my sister..pure bliss!
~getting my hair washed at the salon
~sitting down with my People magazine that is delivered every Friday!
~checking the mail and getting something from...anyone!!
~being able to wear orange and black together this month!!
~Lem's daily lunch break phone call
~Lem's feet
~my children's toes
~grocery shopping at myself!!
~an unexpected phone call from a friend just saying hi
~my children in their pajamas
~pumpkin pie
~watching movies in our bed with the kids
~popcorn with a diet coke and dipping the popcorn in the diet coke..YUM
~Christmas Eve at Mommy Jane's
~Christmas mornings at my Mom and Dad's
~My children's faces on Christmas morning
~baking cookies
~birthday cake..any kind
~holding a brand new baby and sneaking a peak at their toes!
~the beach, especially in Fall and Winter
~a rainy day with the kids at home
~church bells ringing
~cheesy Christmas and Fall decorative sweaters...I LOVE THEM!!
~yoga pants
~my bible study girls
~Lem's calming voice when I am upset
~looking at other people's family albums
~reading my old prayer journals and seeing all of the answered prayers..extraordinary
~belly laughing with a good friend...priceless
~girls trips
~chai tea in the afternoon as i sit down to blog....(winks at Beka)
~Lem holding my hand in public
~Lem's protectiveness over me..the most romantic thing ever
~watching my children play together
~the smell of my mom's house
~my mom's spaghetti and vegetable soup with cornbread
~the smell of of my favorite scents
~the sound of my children praying
~Lem calling me and holding the phone up to a song that is playing that reminds him of me...soooo romantic!!
~walks on a cool, brisk morning
~a very hot bath
~going to the beach or chatanooga choo choo with Mommy Jane
~seeing a play at the Fox theatre and having dinner afterwards
~a sunrise at the beach
~my mom's warm hands holding mine
~my dad's corny jokes
~my dad's laugh
~mom's encouraging words..just when i need them most
~joseph's laugh
~presley's laugh
~watching proudly as Joseph plays soccer
~being a soccer mom
~being a room mommy!
~listening to Lem make conversation with a complete stranger..amazing
~the feeling i get when lem and i are at a party and we see each other across the room..chills
~slow dancing with lem
~a date with him
~digging my toes in the sand really deep at the beach and feeling the cool sand in my toes..ahhh!
~nightly talks with my husband on our back porch..just the two of us
~staying in my p.j's all day
~Halloween parties
~visiting a new city
~staying in a hotel with soft sheets!
~a tidy house
~any time that i am able to spend with my sister
~my nieces and nephews...all of them!!
~a scripture that i need at that very second
~hearing good news from a friend or family member
~hosting a party at my house
~decorating for a party at my house
~shopping at Sephora

Well, I could go on and on, but my stove is beckoning me to turn it on and make something for my favorite little family of 4!!


Mary said...

Jill!! I loved that and was totally surprised by the list, the title didn't give it away (no Julie Andrews lyrics). LOL
Anyway, I found myself saying, "me 2, me 2" at all of your favorites and I can't even believe COFFEE didn't make my list!!! What was I thinking???
Love you so!!

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Somehow, I missed this post. Sorry!

Your kiddos are adorable and I love the vintage Joseph photos with all of his thick hair. I hope Jack and Bodie's hair will do that one day! So sweet, I just want to squeeze him!

I love your list and the glimpse it gives me into Miss Jillian. Especially since I am thinking, "of course! perfect! I know! Isn't that the best?!!"

You are the sweetest, most thoughtful person on the planet. You love so deeply!

Speaking of missing something, I miss you!! I can't wait to see you very, very soon.