Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Give her a break....

Because I am a woman, I am infuriated by the negative media attention given to Gov. Sarah Palin. Every time I turn the t.v. on I hear Palin bashing. Not only does my heart break for her and her family, my heart breaks for the backsliding of our nation in the progression of women's rights and beyond that...basic human decency. It was only 88 years ago that women were afforded the opportunity to vote in this country. Women fought hard and strong and were jailed and killed over this right. Women like Alice Paul, Dora Lewis, and Lucy Burns.

It saddens me that we come to the forefront of having a woman as a vice-presidential nominee, and instead of embracing her and encouraging her, women (AND men) are denouncing her and doing name-calling not fit for a rated R movie. This is certainly not a republican issue, it is a basic human right and human decency issue among those ensuing such blatant words against her. Ironically, the same people that are throwing these darts at her are the same people that have tried to progress the rights of women and fair treatment in the workplace, etc. Mind boggling??? Regardless of her party, she deserves the same respect as the other "male" candidates in the running.

Regardless of any one's political party, this should be reprehensible to everyone. I would bet you my last tube of Mac lip gloss, that if she were on the opposite ticket running with Obama that she would be embraced beyond measure. Why she is so offensive to those who are ridiculing her absolutely baffles me. Is it because she also happens to be attractive?? Heaven forbid she be attractive AND smart?! Why are women who are more masculine in their attire and countenance seem to be more fit for serving in higher political roles? For the many steps that we have taken forward in our country, these last couple of months have certainly taken us way back.

I am a conservative to the core, because of issues that I hold dear to my heart. However, my conservativeness does not preclude those who do not think like me or act like me. I embrace every one's opinion, and right to their opinions, albeit opposing at times.

My disdain for politics and the nature of them has increased during this election. I am sure that I am not alone on this conclusion. The disdain comes from people's lack of research and education on the candidates. The people who hate Sarah Palin, and John McCain for that matter, have probably not a clue of who they are or what they represent. Besides being on board with many of their policies and directives for our country; as a woman, I admire Sarah Palin's ambition and candor on the issues. As for John McCain, I couldn't think of a better fit American hero to serve as our president.

a proud registered and REAL life voter,


Anonymous said...

McCain/Palin all the way, baby!!

Laurie from GA said...

You've got my vote!

Tracey said...

Tell it sista!!! I completely agree!!

Rebekah Hudgins said...

I have gotten to where I can't bare to turn on the T.V.!!

The Parkers said...

Great editorial! You should send this to the AJC. And, amen!

Mary said...

well said, love!!! thanks for sharing your heart. i couldn't agree more!!!!!
and, may i add that no one is cuter on a soap box!!!

much love,