Friday, October 7, 2011

Love Dare Day 17...

This is our 3rd Fun Friday together! Hot dog! Let's celebrate!

Our Love Dare week has been filled with fun activities for our loves. Let's have a little more fun today...whaddya say?!

Day 17:

Love and texts.

Text or email your love 3 times today. Yes 3.

If you don't have text or email...hmmm. I guess you will just have to call him! ;)

Text #1: "you're hot."

Text #2: "you are so smart"

Text #3: "I love you."

Easy, right?

Try to space them out a bit throughout the day if you can.

One of my very favorite things to do is to text Lem while we are both at home together. If I am in our room, I will text him while he is watching tv in the den. It always makes him smile!

He usually texts something funny back like this.."Hey, Debbie. Don't text me at home. My wife is here!"

Yes, we are silly. Very. Silly.

Go.....make your love smile today! Have fun!

letting my fingers do the talking,


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