Monday, October 3, 2011

Love Dare Day 13....

We are on day 13! Wow! It will be two weeks tomorrow that we began this Love Dare. I only expected to do this for a week, and yet here we are.

Thank you to Rebekah who took the reigns and lead us on a wonderful love dare weekend journey. I find myself really starting to "think" before I speak to my love now. Anyone else?? Or maybe I am just the only one with the tongue problem.

I guess I never realized how quickly my tongue gets away from me.

It's not pretty. At all.

Okay, moving on from my tongue issues....

Day 13:

Meeting needs.

I have prayed about this day for a whole week. Right now, I am glad that we are separated by a computer screen, because my cheeks will soon be glowing pink.

Here goes.

We are all grown-ups here, and we know that intimacy with our spouses produces a bond like none other.

Not only does God want us to be intimate with our spouses, He wants us to have desire for our loves.

I have to say that I am completely guilty of not showing Lem a lot of the time my desire to be intimate with him.

Yes, I love to snuggle and be with him...but pursuing him intimately is usually left on the back burner. Lem has said to me on several occassions.." Jill, we are not dating anymore...we are you don't have to play hard to get!".

Ouch. I don't want him to ever feel like I don't want him. However, I do make him feel that way when I don't pursue least every once in a while.

Can anyone relate? Or am I the lone ranger here?

Again, I am not saying that I don't like intimacy with him...I am saying that I am never the one "pursuing" it. This, I want to change.

So, our dare today is to pursue our man intimately. I know Mondays are tough with all that we have going on, so the dare doesn't have to actually take effect today. (shew).

Try to pursue him intimately by the end of the week. Surely you will have a few minutes to yourselves sometime this week. :)

He will probably be so shocked (at least Lem will!), he won't know how to react.

Our men desire for us to want them..and pursue them. Let's show them how much we love them by showing them love the way they receive it best...intimacy.

Pray for God to soften your heart in this area if it has any rough edges or vulnerable parts to it regarding this subject. Intimacy with our loves is a beautiful and sacred thing in the eyes of the Lord. If the desire is not there for you, pray that God will put a desire in your heart for your love. Ask the Lord, and you will receive. This is something God wants for us. Period.

still blushing,


" Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others." Philippians 2:4

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Laurie from GA said...

OK, I'll be the brave one to comment! I'm right there with you! Your words are true and I definitely need to work on this!

Blushing along with you!