Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 16...

I promise to get back to blogging soon. This Love Dare thing has my full attention at the moment. It's been such a huge blessing in my marriage, and yet a little exhausting at the same time. The exhaustion is worth the investment, however.

At the moment, we have 34 love dare participants! I can't imagine the blessings that the Lord has in store for these women who are boldly taking a stand for their marriage and their families! Wow!

I encourage you to keep up the good work, girls. YOU are changing your marriage...your children...your family! Others around you are watching you and being inspired by...YOU!

Here is today's dare that was emailed early this morning. Enjoy...go...LOVE!

Happy Thursday! I hope you had fun with yesterday's dare! Thank you, Scarlet, for the great idea!

I asked my friend, Erin Spinks, to do today's blessed!

Day 16:

"where you go, i will go. where you stay, i will stay. i will follow you." Ruth 1:16

Our husbands are to be the leaders of our family. Today's dare is to write a letter thanking them for leading our family. Be specific, letting him know exactly how you feel about the leadership they carry daily. Pray for your husband. Sometimes leading can be a very big burden on them. Walk this day in encouragement. Ask God to show you ways that can be uplifting to your husband as he leads your family.

I am Chuck's biggest fan! I love him so much. Making him feel that I trust his decisions and talking through life with him brings him joy. He loves to know that I am following him and that I am never leaving his side. Lift your husband up through your letter. Tell your children about his strength. My Rhett(6 year old), says "I love you mommy so much, but I love Daddy just a little bit more!" This always makes me smile! I know that they see that Chuck is the leader. He is first in our home. We respect him the most and we pray for him daily. Make today a day to bless your husband!

Enjoy the ride of life, praying daily for God to show leadership in your husband. Be strong in all you do!

Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed in strength and dignity. She laughs without fear of the future." You are the best cheerleader for your husband!! Cheer LOUDLY-BOLDLY-IN CONFIDENCE!!

Write your letter of leadership! Be his biggest fan!

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SouthMainMuse said...

This is great. Ya'll are my inspiration. I should really be keeping John in my prayers today. He turns 49. Wow. Did I just write that? I'll be following along on the blog so keep posting.