Monday, May 7, 2012

Victory Y'all.....

There has been a lot of talk about Victory around this house.

Victory over fear, Victory over anxiety, Victory over anything that is not Truth from the Lord.

Well, last week, Presley decided that she was going to claim Victory over bed wetting. Why not? Surely God did not want her to continue wetting the bed.

So, we prayed each night over her little bladder. We also went to LifeWay and bought a children's CD with the little kids singing scriptures from the Bible.

From the prompting of my friend, Lisa, we started playing the CD in her room each night. Not only at night, actually, but while we were away from the house.

God's word is powerful! It lives, it breathes, and it heals. So, we wanted His word playing all day in our house! (this is something we will continue to do...FOREVER!)

You see, what we had going on here was a spiritual battle. Fear was making her scared at night and in turn was causing her physical body to respond negatively.

Anyone relate? Oh, boy..I can! (not to the bed wetting part..but the rest!)

So, we have had a lot of Victory each morning when we go to wake her up. NO MORE WET SHEETS!

Isn't God just good like that?

Today, I was going through some papers from her school folder. I came across this and could not believe what I saw.

This girl gets it, y'all. She knows where true Victory comes from. She does.

She is always teaching me. Always.

Left side says: Victory--scared, bed wetting, shy
Right side says: Scared--say God or Jesus, Love, Peace, Believe.

She gets it. I love her.

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