Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Fun Bucket List....

Okay, so this Summer starts our Fun Bucket List! I challenge and encourage all of YOU to do this with your family!

This is the first year that we have done this, and the kids LOVE it! (and me too!)

So,  go and grab a bucket from the dollar store, clothes pins, and some sharpie markers. Then each of you in your family write 5 (or more) things that you want to do this Summer!

We also have a Fun Jar that we have had for a few years. We put extra change, dollars, Chucky Cheese coins, etc. in it. It seems to always be empty! We cannot keep money in it fast enough. :-)

I'm posting pictures of both things if you need a visual. ;-)

The last picture is our very first activity from our Summer Fun Bucket List! Camping! (so much fun!)

Let me know if you do this with your family....I want hear all about it!

(I will try to post a picture from each activity on our list here on my blog. Key word=TRY.)  :-)

Happy beginning to your Summer, friends! Make memories, make fun, make smiles, and make it count!


Kimberlee Blazina said...

Love this idea! Your family is so so cute!

Anonymous said...

Great project Mommy Jill, we did one of Presley's today...Chucky Cheese. We had a great time. She got 510 tickets and racked up the prizes....yay.