Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where I'm at...

Things I love about my life right now....

taking my babies to school. the car ride is the best 20 minutes of my day.

hearing Joseph read the Bible on the way to school.

watching Presley in the rear view mirror when we pray. she always looks over at Joseph to see if he is peeking.

i am okay with being the size that i am. this has not always been the case.

i think good skincare is important.

i don't need a boob lift..yet.

my husband is my best friend.

i can still hold Presley in my arms, with her legs wrapped around me.

finding that God's will really is best.

i love our church.

God loves getting personal with me.

starting to enjoy the little things. (like having a good 15 minutes to sit down and blog.)

diet coke is not good for me.

neither is regular coke.

i just don't really care about having a tan anymore.

i like to smell good.

i wear perfume

i like to have a clean car. it never happens though.

i don't leave the house without makeup. not because i am vain, just because i don't want to scare the neighbors.

my favorite time of the day is 5 am.

my second favorite time of the day is 5:30 am when my Presley wakes up.

i love being the first one up.

meeting a friend for coffee is the best.

meeting 3 friends for coffee is the best ever.

a note in the mail.

mailing someone a note.

surprising my husband.

surprising my kids.

being okay with the face that my house will never be  clean enough.

being okay with wrinkles on my clothes. and on my face.

realizing it's okay to say no.. the world won't stop.

treating myself to a manicure every once in a while is a good, good thing.

running by myself, with no ipod, is a good way to talk to the Lord.

i prefer a quiet house while kids are at school. no t.v, no radio, just me and God talking.

i don't really watch t.v. anymore. Lem thinks this is so weird.

i love to sit next to Lem.

i love watching Lem in a crowd. he is so funny and always the cutest one. :)

watching Lem play basketball. he's so good lookin'. and he's really good.

being okay with not having an up-to-date scrapbook on my kids. they'll survive.

being okay with mis-matched dishes. it adds character.

realizing that God pursues me. wow.

blessed and then some,


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Lisa said...

I love reading and/or hearing about a friends day. I enjoy picturing them in their element. Thanks for giving me a glimpse!! Love you friend.