Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is....

Love is..

waking up to coffee and Jesus at 5:00 am.

the sound of Presley's feet coming into the den soon after at 5:30 am.

her kissing my cheek.

kissing Joseph's warm, pink cheeks in the morning as I wake him up.

hearing Lem's loud and booming voice..."good morning, Hill family!"

hearing my Joseph read the bible in the car on the way to school.

calling my momma and hearing her voice.

getting a text from my daddy because he hates to text.

vacation with just me and my three.

vacation with friends.

long car rides with Lem.

drive-thru dinners.

any holiday.

a clean house.

when Lem says, "this song is from me to you."

when Lem leaves me a random note.

pushing Presley on the swing.

going for a girls walk with Presley and having "girl talk".

remembering that Joseph still loves me.....even when he pushes me away.

remembering that it's all part of growing up.

literally feeling Jesus holding me at times when I am sad.

hearing Him whisper to me that He's there.

dinner at momma jane's.

dessert at momma jane's.

birthday parties.

my momma's green cake.

momma jane's strawberry cake.

a shower after being sick for 3 days.

chicken noodle soup from a friend.

a card in the mail.

i could go on....


Wei Ting said...

Hi Jill!

I stumbled upon your blog from goggling images on "panda mascot laying down" for our vbs :P

You are such a beautiful woman inside out and you're so blessed with a wonderful family. I am greatly encouraged by your blogs and by how you raise your kids in God's path ^^ Keep it up!

Continue being a living testimony for God! He'll surely bless you more!

All the way from Asia,
Wei Ting :)

Jill Hill said...

Thank you, Wei Ting! I am honored by your kind words. :) Nice to meet you, friend! :-)