Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good people..


lunch with my Lem.

pizza and greek salad at mellow mushroom.

my fave.

my fave place to eat with my fave man.


dinner and bible study with my friends last night.

surrounded by kelly, ashley b., mari, and ashley m.

they inspire me.

i love to hear their stories.

i love to hear where they are in life.

i could literally just sit for hours listening about their precious lives.

they all make me want to be better.

i remember praying that the Lord would bring me some friends in this town.

not just any friends, but good friends.

it took Him a while, but He did.

and, oh did He.

the best kind of friends.

God has purposefully surrounded me with girls that spur me on to be better.

not only that, but that spur me on to just be myself.

no pretense, no formalities.

yep, i love these girls.

happy wednesday.

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