Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valley girl....

It's funny how you can go from being on top of the mountain praising and singing--then completely in the valley of that mountain wondering how in the world you got here.

I'm kind of there at the moment. Not in a bad way, but in a "what in the world happened" kind of way.

Nothing dramatic has happened in my life, it's just part of this faith journey, I suppose.

As I was praying this morning for God to lead me back to the top...I heard Him tell me to notice how desperate I am when I am in the valley.

Oh my.

He's right on.

When I'm on top, I get a little self sufficient.


The funny thing is, I don't even realize my self-sufficiency until I land straight back down hitting hard on my bottom.

Suddenly, I am looking around going, "hey, wait a minute...what just happened?"

I'm in God's word like never before, and yet, I am still unfortunately 95% flesh.

It's this humbling experience that keeps me desperate for Him. I wrote in my journal that I literally am panting for Him. My soul is thirsty and parched.

He's filling me up, slowly. Just a little at a time, so that I don't get all "self-sufficient" again.

The good thing about the valley is that I am constantly looking up.

Exactly where my eyes need to be.

hiking that mountain,


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