Monday, February 6, 2012



better than yesterday.

my cold is going away.

my brand new friend, Leslie, whom I met through SHINE, made me 3 BIG bowls of chicken noodle soup. she said it had healing powers. she was right.

i have a new BFF--see above.

i went to starbucks and got a grande chai tea latte.

i went to trader joe's with a chai latte in hand.

this made me happy.

i spent only $100.16 at TJ's,

that's a miracle.

i delivered my sis some chicken noodle soup and a brownie from chic-fil-a (she had a root canal today)

she still doesn't know i put it in her fridge, she was sleeping..and she is STILL sleeping.

one of her kids probably ate it already.

i still want to adopt a child...or two.

i am okay if we don't.

I love babies.

i miss having babies.

i cried in the car today by myself.

ugly cried.

all because of a steven curtis chapman song.

man, he gets me every time.

my mom called while i was in full cry mode.

she had no idea.

if  i told her, i would cry more.

i think i am hormonal today.

we are having japanese for dinner tonight.

joseph asked if we could have italian tomorrow night---pizza.

i love that kid.

i love my life.


HH said...

Love you, Jillie! Hope you feel better quickly!

Lisa said...

i ugly cried today to a bebo norman song. i do not miss having babies. ;) (couldn't resist) ;)