Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday.....

So, I am dipping my chipped, dark plum toenails back into the blogging water.

I have this to say today:

Today is Monday. Monday is my trip to Athens to visit Trader Joe's day. Quite possibly, my favorite day of the week. TJ's is to thank for this.

 TJ's=Trader Joe's. I only post this for the slow learners such as myself. I may be the slowest learner of all, so I post this for me. I may look back at this and need a reminder of who in blue blazes "TJ" is. Wouldn't want a dirty rumor going around about "Jill & TJ", now would we?

Okay, tangent. Sorry.

TJ's greets me every Monday morning with free coffee. Yes, free. Where else can you get a good, free cup of joe? ( Besides home, smarty pants. )

Some mornings I may have already had my caffeine (shaky hands and all) fill, so they offer a decaf as well. Genius, I tell you.

Well, now for the point of my post. Here are a few of my favorite items from TJ's.

Read them and weep. Just kidding. You won't really weep, just thought it sounded cool.

My faves from TJ's:

1) Trader Joe's "Joe" coffee. You gotta love the name. Simple and to the point.

2) TJ's coffee creamer. Yep, it's good.

3) TJ's large snack pretzels.

4) Veggie Stix snacks. My personal fave.

5) TJ's hummus. Any flavor will do. Pair it with any kind of cracker. Heaven.

6) B-12 under the tongue dissolving tablets. Sometimes you just need a little extra oomph.

7) TJ's frozen green beans. Yeah, their good.

8) TJ's orange face wash. Washes off every ounce of my make-up. That says a lot.

9) TJ's Lavender salt scrub. For $5.99 you will feel like you just left a spa. Minus the toe fungus.

10) TJ's maple brown sugar oatmeal. Top it with some blueberries and you have the breakfast of champions.

Okay, there ya have it. That's my thoughts for Monday.

Hopefully the end of the week will produce deeper, more intriguing posts. But don't count on it.



Rebekah Hudgins said...

I love a good T.J.'s post, Jill! :) It makes me want to run not walk back to Trader Joe's, it's been two whole weeks!

Love you, girl. Blog away!


Sweet Inlow's said...

What woman doesn't love a post about another woman's fave groceries?! I think I need to make a TJ's run. Pronto. XOXO.

Mary said...

THREE CHEERS FOR TJ's and a Jilly blog post. I'll gladly take them both. Much love! <3