Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here comes the sun.....

The sun came out on Friday. Yes, the sun really came out. I speak literally and metaphorically.

Friday was my much anticipated hair appointment with Allison. Oh, I love this girl. She rocks like Def Leppard did back in the '80's. (actually, they still rock to me). Call me old school.

I was so nervous heading into her shop.  Why, you ask? Why?

It was "Back-to-blond" day. For those of you who are not frequent readers of my blog (well, probably all of you)...I dyed my hair brown just after Christmas.

It was fun for about 2 weeks. Then, I started experiencing unusual bleach withdrawals. You know, nausea, vomiting, unexplained rashes.  No, not really.

I just missed my blond hair. I have been blond my entire life. Trying darker was something I have always wanted to do. And, I did.

And, I'm done.

The whole week leading up to the appointment I was thinking--my hair will fall out. I could possibly be bald. If it doesn't fall out, it will be orange. If it doesn't turn orange it will be fried....french-fried. If it's not fried, it will look like I got in a fight with a crimping iron and the crimping iron won. If it's.....Okay, I will shut up.

With that said....what's a girl to do?

 Trust her fairy-godmother.....I mean hair stylist.

Allison calmly looked at me and said.."Piece of will LOVE it when I'm done. "

What? That's it? Are you sure?? Look, look real hair is dark brown.

Like a drill Sargent she instructs me: "Smock on, I will get the bleach ready."

Ohhhhhh, just the word "bleach" got my heart pumping. Bleach, oh bleach-- I have surely missed you,  my friend.

3 hours later, yes 3 hours.....and 3 bowls of bleach later....the sun came out. On my head.

I wanted to hug her and kiss her, but I refrained.  She rocks. Have I told you that?

So, I know you are dying or shall I say "dyeing" to see the final result.  Pardon the corny pun. I couldn't resist. Keep in mind, I was not looking my best. I just rolled out of bed and snapped a picture.....

And there you have it.

still high off 3 bowls of bleach,


Jess said...

Very cute.
Though I'm sure you could put Norma Jean to shame. :)

Sweet Inlow's said...

One of my favorite post to date!!

Tracey said...

love you no matter what color your hair is!!!!

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Not too many girls can rock whatever color they like! You deserve all of the bleach you want. ;)

I loved your days as a brunette!