Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dear Joseph,

I am really not sure how you could be any more sweeter. God certainly gave you the biggest dose of all. Every morning you get up and out of bed, go to the shower, sit at your bar stool and eat your breakfast. I never have to beg you to get up, I never have to argue with you over what you should wear. You are just easy.

You will never know how wonderful of a quality this is until you have your own children. You are a peacemaker to the core. I can identify with that. People mistake this for weakness at times, but it is truly just the opposite. Making peace is a good thing, buddy. Don't ever forget that.

The first thing that people say to me about you is: "Joseph is just the sweetest, kindest boy." I couldn't agree more.

You melt my heart. My heart literally dissolves when I am with you. I am so smitten by you. Every ounce of you.

Joseph, you are funny. So funny. You get this from your Daddy. Just yesterday you told me that Daddy was funnier than me, but that I was definitely the "silliest". I just laughed. You thought you had hurt my feelings, but I assured you that I was okay with being the "silliest".

I love your honesty. You are spot-on and it's refreshing. You have a way of being honest, yet not hurtful. A dichotomy that not many can achieve.

You are a diplomat to the core. Your MawMaw and I always say that you would be a great politician. You have a calm presence which makes everyone want to be around you.

You are agreeable, likable, and always do the right thing. Always.

You remember the only lie that you have ever told. You inspire me. Everyday.

You have made me a better person. You make me want to be better still. I always remember that you are watching me. Your opinion of me is worth more than diamonds.

You are mine.
i want to be just like you,


dirtbike Joseph.

happy Joseph.

adventurous Joseph.

silly joseph...and you think i am the silly one??

My Joseph.


Danielle said...

Jill...this made me cry. I love your description of him and your love for him. I treasure my Eli the same way. I can't wait to watch him grow older and am so excited about how our relationship will grow in the next couple years.

Rebekah Hudgins said...
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Rebekah Hudgins said...

I love your precious and sweet humility when it comes to your children. Joseph Hill is full of character and poise. It seeps out of his pores! He is an incredible testament to his parents. I LOVE THAT KID!!!! and I love YOU and his daddy and his sister, too! :)