Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I confess....

Consider this a confessional. You've been warned. This here blogspot is the solid black curtain (is it black?) that separates my sin and guilt from your ears. You know, the old Catholic confessional booth.

This concept has always intrigued me. I tell my sins to someone sitting across the curtain from me and I am cleansed. Hmmm. Can I just tell Jesus and skip the old claustrophobic booth? Besides, gas is too high for me to have to drive to have my sins cleansed.  Things that make you go hmmmm.

You're wondering if I'm Catholic. No, just intrigued.

Back to the confession. Okay, here it is.

I text and drive.

Ouch. It hurts to say (type) aloud. Who changed the font to Large?? Not just Large, but Bold, Large, and Italics. Sheesh.

 Go ahead and boo and hiss and throw your rotten tomatoes at me. I deserve them. Every last rotten one of them.

Go ahead and judge. Judge away. I deserve it.

I am so ashamed. My children even say, "Mommy, no texting and driving!"

Again, ashamed.

A year ago I told my little ones to call me to the carpet if they see me texting and driving. So, they do. Has it stopped me?

No. Well...sometimes. "Sometimes" is not enough.

I rationalize that it is not technically" texting" if only one hand is involved. My head is now on the desk, buried in my hands. A bright red glow has taken over my face as I confess to such a shameful act.

I confess because I want to change this. I am not proud of this one bit. I lecture my niece and nephew constantly about not texting and driving. I'm a hypocrite I tell you.

So, with you as my ceremonial witnesses, I vow to not text and drive. It is, for heaven's sake, against the Law!

Just today, I passed the site in Hard Labor Creek where a popular Morgan County boy, Caleb Sorahan, was killed while texting and driving. He was 19.

It jolts me to reality of the danger of this careless act every single time I pass by this spot. I immediately pray for his grieving family. Senseless, just senseless.

This is so preventable. So, as for me....texting will be done when the car is in park. Not at a stop sign, not at a red light, but pulled over and parked. My kids are watching me. They will follow in their momma's big size 8  footsteps...good or bad.

I am taking this very seriously, as I should have already done.

Keeping it real here on the bloggy blog.

Hope you can handle the truth. (I picture me saying this Jack Nicholson -A Few Good Men-Style) Corny, but this is my blog, I can be corny.

your new law abiding citizen,



Anonymous said...

Your confession is not judged by your Mom, I too find myself trying to text back at red lights and stop signs and sometimes beyond a stop. I applaud you for your admission to guilt, knowing as we do what goes around comes around. The last thing I ever want to do is die in a car accident without a seat belt on and texting, what pray tell kind example would that be. I join you, and dearly love you! Thank you for the reality check, on cheating.

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Shame on me, too, Jill. :(

Sweet Inlow's said...

Nobody's perfect. ;-)