Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Woman's Work.... never done. Can I get an Amen? As I sit here and type, my mind is racing of the one million things that need to be accomplished before shut-eye.

ever feel like this?

Don't get me wrong, my standards are really not that high. Since hitting the mid-thirty mark, I have definitely given myself a break on the house-has-to-be-spotless motto. Pleeeeeeeease. It ain't gonna happen. Ever.

Lem is at bible study tonight. I am here with my babies getting things settled down, signing folders, brushing teeth, combing wet hair, saying prayers, laying out clothes for next day, cleaning up from dinner, looking at my toes and trying to decide if I have the energy to give myself a quickie pedicure, then looking at my fingernails with a hopeless sigh. My nails will never be pretty. At least not for a long, long time.

You get the picture. You are probably in the same little boat. My list is never, ever done. It's constant. Never stopping. New things being added daily.

I have to say that I have the utmost admiration for the full-timers. The Momma's that hold a 40 hour week job outside of the home. I think about them a lot. I have convinced myself that they have an extra gene that God did not give me. How do they do it? I am in utter amazement at these women. Super Women/Momma's/Wives. You really should wear a shiny red cape, you deserve every thread of it.

Then there's me. I get overwhelmed if I have to bring snacks for a soccer game. Not kidding. My sister laughs at me all the time because I like simple, slow and easy. She, on the other hand, likes all the balls in the air as she juggles them seamlessly. She functions best in a pressure cooker, and me...well, more like a crock pot.

Regardless of the endless duties, I love being a woman. I love my role in life. I love taking care of my people. Nurturing is my thing. It brings me endless joy. I will never EVER be president of the PTO...but some wonderful woman will. I will be the Momma that gladly volunteers to "help", but please don't put me in charge. Pressure. Not for me.

So, this post is for my fellow momma's, grandmama's, working women, stay-at home women and anyone in between. I high five you with my sadly cracking and in need of a manicure hands. Up high!

looking for an emery board,


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Rebekah Hudgins said...

I so, so, so am feeling you on this one. Keeping everyone and everything in good working order is no joke. But, it is such an honor, too. You are really good at being the Hill family project manager. :)

You inspire me by the way you live. When I don't want to go the extra mile to clean or organize, I always think of you. I think, "Jill would just get in there..." and then I do.

Thank you for being you, I love you!