Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hippity Hoppity....

....Easter's on it's way!!
Our Easter Picture 2011

William, Presley, Ashley, Danny, Graham, Joseph 2011

As you already know, I love traditions. Easter is no different. We go to the same place every year and have our Easter Bunny picture made. Stonecrest Mall. The tradition started in 2002 when Joseph had his very first Easter.

 My kitchen looks like an Easter Bunny's delight right about now. Framed, pastel, Easter Bunny pictures line an entire counter top. Every year since the children were born, we have a picture.  I love it.

Mommy Jane takes the whole group of us every year. She loves it just as much as we do. We always get a good laugh as we watch the kids engage with the Easter Bunny.

Today, Presley said: "Mommy, I touched his big, fake tooth!"

Graham said: "Why does Easter Bunny have a screen behind his mouth?"

Danny was getting frustrated and making faces until the camera lady said: "Smile or Easter Bunny won't bring you candy!"

His face lit up like the 4th of July. Hilarious.

Ashley had a perma-smile attached to her face. We laughed and laughed at her as she sat perfectly still with that big, pasted-on smile. So cute.

I LOVE these kids.

Thank you, Mommy Jane, for taking us and making these memories with us. We love our time with you. It's always the BEST.

dusting off my decorations,


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Mary said...

Too dang cute, all those Hill babies lined up together!!! Y'all have some good genes. :))
Happy Easter, with love.