Thursday, April 17, 2008

Have i told you lately........

Have i told you lately...............that i LOVE my husband! Today started off as an ordinary, get up, have some quiet time with my coffee and oatmeal, get Joseph up and going for school, make the kids breakfast, help Presley put on a princess dress, kind of day. All of this and it's only 6:15am!! In the midst of the hustle and bustle of our daily dear husband left me the sweetest and most thoughtful surprise! Before i elaborate, i must say that this past week has been a little tumultuous. I have been concerned and worried over some things happening in our life right now, and this has overtaken my peace and well-being for the last couple of days. I have been completely off-balance and honestly, less than kind to my husband. I tend to take my worries and frustrations out on him and he always gets the brunt of my wavering emotions. Poor fellow....

Anyway, with that said, I have decided to give my fear, anxiety and needless worry to my sweet Lord and Saviour. I have laid it at his feet, and i will no longer carry the burden of fruitless worry. (at least for today!)

Back to the story, Lem left for work, with the usual hug and "love you" to me and the kids. I mindlessly start cleaning up the dishes from breakfast. My mind is still spinning from trying to figure things out and worrying about stuff completely out of my control. My lips bear the mark of this worry with one HUGE cold sore on my top lip. Yeah, thanks. As I go to my bathroom to get some Blistex for Mt. Everest that has so graciously taken up residence on my mouth, I see a yellow post it note on the counter next to my makeup bag. I guess he put it there because he knew my makeup bag was the one place i would certainly be headed to today. The note read....

Jill, Have a great day. Try not to worry so much. It's all in God's hands. May He watch over you today. P.s. You look beautiful this morning. Love, Lem.

Tears are stinging my eyes, and my throat is developing a lump, quite similar to the lump on my top lip. I have never been more in love with him than this very second. I had to write, to let these emotions out, to have a place to come back to when i am not feeling so mushy about him and be reminded of his tenderness and love for me. Thank you Lord, for using Him to speak to me. Thank you, Lem for taking the time to say just what my heart needed to hear.

To my sweet Lem...I dedicate this verse to you. It was given to me a while back by a very good friend and it has become a daily inspiration for me.

The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.
- numbers 6:24

I love you.


Mary said...

How precious and sweet, Jill!!!!!!! Just what you needed when you needed it most!!! I can't wipe the big smile off my face - tell Lem he's wonderful for me. :)
Much love to all the Hill's!!!

Danielle said...

How incredibily sweet!! He is one lucky guy to have such a wonderful wife too! Those are the little moments that you thank God that you have a husband who knows EXACTLY what you need...your best friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Jill...tears are streaming down my face...not only for this precious specific blog, but for everything I have read so far! You are one precious amazing person! It's incredible sitting here & feeling everything you are feeling. You are a talented writer! You express your emotions very well :) Thank you for sharing this with me :) I only hope I can express things as well as you do :)