Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring is in the air...finally!!

Today is a beautiful day! Presley and I will be playing outside and enjoying this nice weather. I am trying to soak up every second with her before she starts preschool this fall. As much as I need the break, i will miss her terribly. Presley is such a girly girl. Her new thing is dresses....she wants to go to sleep wearing a dress and wake up and put on a new dress. I have to wrangle her into putting on pants or shorts these days. She complains the whole time and it makes it difficult getting her dressed. I guess we need to invest in more dresses!! She also LOVES makeup....oh my goodness. The child is obsessed with lotion, makeup and perfume. (wonder where she gets that from!)

By the way, i have just created a myspace can find us there if you are a myspace member. I decided to create one because some of my girlfriends are on there, and it is an easy and fun way to keep up and post playdates etc...i just have to remember to check it! My brain is fried these days.

Have a wonderful day!!

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