Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our super fun week!

Joseph and Daddy at the zoo

Presley's favorite arms!!!

~~ Presley's close-up~~

Presley, Mommy Jane and Graham riding the train

Spring break has been a blast! We went to the park, had lunch with my nephew at school, had playdates, saw a movie, went bowling and went to the zoo!! Whew! What a great week!!


Danielle said...

Sounds fantastic....can't wait for these days with my little one!! :)

Mary said...

hey love. so glad we got to get in on the fun!!! thanks for making it happen and having audg back to your house - looking forward to doing it again really soon!
xo!!!! ;)

Rebekah Hudgins said...

I love keeping up with you through your blog!

Fun week for you guys, YAY!
Every little child should be so lucky to have a mommy who breaks for Spring Break the way you do!

Love, Bek