Saturday, January 21, 2012

Presley and Annie....

As if the Lord had not shown me enough Red birds this week, he ended my Friday night with one last one.

My Presley made the Annie play! 

She and several other of her young little friends will be opening the play with a little song and dance..."You are never fully dressed without a smile!"

I am thinking that they probably let everyone have a little part in the play that tried out...and I think that is just the coolest thing.

You would think that Presley had the lead role as Annie. She is over the moon. She woke up and came into the den singing the "You are never fully dressed without a smile" song.


Thank you, Jesus for showing me another red bird.

He's so personal with us, friends. He wants to get down and dirty into your business in a big way.

Not sure about you, but I love a friend that gets down and dirty and who's not afraid to get in your business when they need to. It shows they love us. Big time.

That's our Jesus. The greatest friend you will ever have. Ever.

Look for some red birds today, friends. He is waiting to show them to you.

expecting more red birds,


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