Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Audition(s)....

I am so in love with my kids.

And my husband.

Not necessarily in that order.

The last few days have been very special and "living in the moment" kind of days...even more so than usual.

Every second with my kids makes me the happiest girl in the whole word. It really does.

I know people say that a lot..but I really, truly mean it. They make me laugh the MOST. They make me feel like the silliest person in the world...I love that!

They need me. I dig that.

They make me better.

For example, just yesterday, my Presley tried out for two plays. Yes, two.

One was for her school play, the other was for the high school play. Who does this??

She does!

Her confidence and boldness teaches me. Every day.

I pray (a lot) that she will make at least one of them. My heart breaks thinking of the idea that she may not make either. She is so sure of herself, so confident. I want her to stay that way...whether she makes the play or not.

Yesterday, I had completely forgotten about the high school audition for Annie. It was scheduled for 7-9 pm. Presley goes to bed by 8:00.

I was worried she would be too tired to go. Nope. She was ready, standing at the door with an adorable headband topped with a big, fat pink flower on top of it.

Irresistible, she was. 

Confident, she was.

Courageous, she was.

Bold, she was.

Yep, she's teaching me. Every day.

enjoying being her student,


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Sweet Inlow's said...

dang what a cutie...and those dimples, it's almost too much!!