Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hormones and Christmas trees....


It's been a while since I have even logged on my blog. I feel guilty.

Of course, I guess it's not something to feel guilty about when you are busy just living your life.

If I ever have time to sit down and's just a huge bonus. Really, it is.

So, what's new with me?


Well, the Love Dare has ended. It was really fun. I am trying to live it out daily...some days are better than others.

So, what else is new...hmmm.

Well, I am convinced that I am perimenopausal. Not to be confused with menopausal.

My hormones are way crazy and I think Lem is convinced he married a loony toon.

He may be right.

On a serious note, I do think something happens in your body when you hit your mid-thirties. Things just are NOT the same.

I can be hysterically laughing in one breath, and hysterically crying in the next. Yes, hormonal.

Poor Lem.

Today was an example of hormones out of control.

The first half of the morning, I was grumpy, moody...and well, just not nice. (and I'm putting that mildly)

However, as soon as we got into the car to go and pick out a Christmas tree, I was singing, laughing, and miss jolly-molly.

Again, poor Lem.

I don't know why our hormones go haywire...but I am convinced my body is not my own most days.

Prayer-and a lot of it- seems to be the most help.

One day I will look back on these days and laugh...I am sure of it.

For now, I will just accept these hormone fluctuations for what they are...and deal with it. I am sure I am not the only 36 year old with hormone issues. Am I?

Since I am in good cheer as of this very moment...I will post pictures from our Christmas tree excursion today.

This is our first REAL tree in 6 years! I finally convinced Lem to get a real one this year. He gave in...reluctantly.

I hope this will be our new tradition...going to Jack's tree farm the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Followed by a trip to Wendy's for 3 chocolate frosties..and one vanilla (for Presley).

I know!! Who wants a vanilla frostie?? Yuck.

I love traditions. I always will.

trying to decide if this one is worthy of purchase.

only in Georgia does it get hot picking out Christmas trees.

my manly man putting the tree in the back of the truck. grrr!

ta da!!! we have a tree ladies and gentleman.

hormonally challenged,


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Danielle said...

First of all - love the real tree! The only way to go! :)

Second - was at my OB/GYN two weeks ago trying to convince him that I was going thru perimenopause!! You are not the only one. I swear something happens in your mid 30's and it ain't pretty! Lem and Lee need to get a drink and you and I need a spa day! hahaha <3 you!