Thursday, November 24, 2011

Party of 13....

the dining room table--ready for some guests!

the kids table--waiting on some kids!

ahhh---there they are!

presley and aunt jess <3

our kids are growing up

mom and aunt NiEata <3

the dynamic duo

this pretty much sums up the day. eating and lots of it.

I love Thanksgiving.

Not just because of the good food, but because of the family time.

Nothing beats sitting around the table with my loved ones laughing, eating, and laughing some more.

It is absolutely the best.

About 3 years ago, we started the tradition of having Thanksgiving at my house for my side of the family. Nothing brings me greater joy than hosting a dinner party!

Especially for a party of 13. YES!

I start decorating the tables a week before, and I completely lose myself in the small details of the table decorations. It's so crazy, but it's what I love the most!

I love sparkly pumpkins and shiny Christmas plates and silverware! I love finding the perfect edible napkin ring..yes, it's the little things that get my heart racing.

I even love Thanksgiving table confetti. Why?

Well, it's shiny, sparkly and FUN!

Even when I find myself still sweeping it up when Easter rolls's worth it.

I never ever tire of opening our home to guests...especially my beloved family. Everyone knows the rule at my house: "The MORE the MERRIER". Always.

My Mom is the same way. Her door is always open for a hot meal and some laughter. I hope I grow up to be just like her.

My dream is to have a house FULL of guests for Thanksgiving EVERY year. I prayed this week that God would bring a family to our house for Thanksgiving. Something or someone out of the blue.

Lem's twin sister, Jessica, came and ate Thanksgiving lunch with us. We were thrilled to have her.

Also, another perfect surprise was my Aunt NiEata and Uncle Ben stopping by for coffee after lunch.

Happy, yes, happy!

God is so good, and He answers prayers in HIS way...which are always the best.
I am thankful for my life. It's not perfect, andI I hope it never is. How boring that would be.

God has given me more than I ever deserve.

When everyone left, my little family and I went for a walk in the neighborhood. As we were walking back, we saw FOUR red birds! FOUR!!

If you don't know the meaning of seeing a red means Jesus is with you and He is blowing you a kiss.

He blew us 4 for each of us! It was the perfect end to our day. We were all so excited and I just instantly thanked God...again.

Ahhhh! He is so good!!

As I type, my kids are chasing each other around the house screaming and laughing. I should probably go check on them...or maybe I won't.

I will enjoy the sound of their music for a few more minutes.

How was your Thanksgiving?

a full stomach and a full heart,


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Jamie said...

I love that seeing your table. Glad you had such a great day. I had never heard that about the red bird -- but I always felt like seeing one was something special. Like you.