Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gratitude changes my attitude....

After this past weekends hormone pity party, I have had a fresh wave of JOY from the Lord. I think sometimes He leads us down that path, just to show us how desperate we really are for Him.

It's easy to not realize how much we need Him when things are going well, and life is easy. When life gets hard and relationships are tested....that's when we fall to our knees crying for our Savior.

Lem and I were talking early this morning about helping someone in need today. Not financially necessarily, but just being available to someone today.

We both prayed that God would put someone in our path to listen to today. Someone who needs a little attentiveness.

How many times have I been so grateful to talk to a friend at just the right if God had placed her right there at that very second to give me a word from Him. 

He does that!

We just have to keep our eyes open and be aware of His leading at all times.

I emailed some friends challenging them to thank 3 people in their lives for their impact and influence over them. What a difference a grateful heart makes!

It's truly healing. I speak from experience.

The times when I am wrapped up in my own self and my own emotions, is when God shows me to focus on someone else's needs.

He then fills my heart with Joy.

Every single time.

I challenge you to tell 3 people how thankful you are for them. Be specific. Let God lead you.

He will.

with a full heart,


the love of my life

my whole world...captured in this single picture.