Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blissful Summer Evening.....

~My sweet girl in her favorite lap~
~My handsome little hunk....too cute in a tie~
~Joseph asks Nana to dance....
~Presley asks Papa to dance...the cutest
~My Princes
~Nana Terri gets a hug!~
~The Four of us~
~Presley and Joseph dance the night away....the ONLY ones on the dance floor for about 30 minutes! :)

~We love our Papa and Nana~
~Getting down on the checkered board dance floor~
~Look alike hostess cupcakes were the dessert at this wedding....YUM
~And strawberry cupcakes...the yummiest~
~classic..licking that finger, enjoying every last bite of this cupcake~
~My babies~

We had the best time at a wedding for a very good friend's daughter, Morgan Roberts. Morgan is the daughter of Bart and Molly Roberts. Bart has worked at Still Lumber with Lem for many, many years.

The wedding was held outside at the Robert's home. Their vows took place under a huge oak tree in their yard, absolutely breathtaking. After the vows, we were quickly ushered to the reception just behind us under some white tents and served Macaroni Grille entree's. Yum. The dessert was look-alike Hostess chocolate cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes. Delicious!! Especially the strawberry variety. I can still taste that sweet slice of heaven in my mouth...mmmm.

A few plates and too many too count cupcakes later, the kids hit the dance floor. It was just sitting there, empty and stark...until the kids jumped onto it. They lit it up like the fourth of July. Dancing, and more dancing for a captive audience to boot.

Eventually, the younger crowd hit the dance floor and so began a good time for all. Joseph at one point, slid onto the dance floor in the middle of the young crowd and started break dancing. The crowd hooted and hollered at our little showboat. Of course, Presley was mimicking his every move and looked like his female shadow. I quickly looked over at Lem to see his expression and it was priceless. Lem's face had the familiar look that I have seen many times.... the "that's my boy!" expression. So sweet.

Lem finally had to drag them off of the dance floor so others could dance. They both were hesitant because they were loving the limelight. They soon gave in, and hesitantly headed back to our table. They had their 5 minutes of glory and they were basking in it.

A beautiful wedding, and a perfect night. I love Summer. I love my family. I love my life.

still thinking about that strawberry cupcake,


p.s....Three Blondes and a Wand did hair and make-up for the entire bridal party! Check out our pictures at our blogspot...


Greer Dierkes said...

great pictures, Jill and it sounds like a fun fun night...don't you love summer nights?!?

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Making Summertime memories, what could be better?? Presley and Joseph are gorgeous. I love your sweet family, beautiful inside and out!!! <3 *What pretty pictures*