Sunday, June 20, 2010

Salty and Sweet...

~One of the 4 trees with a strange face carved in them on the island...spooky~

~love her little profile~

~daddy and presley having a little beach fun~

~heading out to dinner with her favorite man~

~scotty and buds~

~riding those waves!~

~standing in a puddle to try and get their feet cooled off~

~little surfer girl~

~here we go to the beach~

~one of the many sand dollars we found on this trip~

~Lem's birthday celebration...we sliced the cake then headed out the door to St. Simon's..happy birthday, Lem! ~

Last week was our annual Summer vacation to St. Simon's...our little home away from home. Our children have been going there since they were newborns, and it always comforts me to know how they cherish the memories we have shared there for many years. I can't convey enough how intertwined my soul is to the beach...the salty air, the warm sand, the crashing of the waves. I can hardly stand to go more than a few months without going to the beach, especially "our" beach as we like to call it.

This year we took a very special little friend, Scotty. Scotty is Joseph's friend from school, and the son of a dear friend of mine, Heather. Heather has been in previous posts on my blog. She has the "C" word, and she is an absolutely amazing lady. I don't think I have ever known anyone quite like her. I love her dearly.

Anyway, Scotty was a joy to have along. He fit in with us like jelly fits with peanut butter. Smooth and easy.

We will be going again in July, and cannot wait to put our feet back in that sand.

still smelling the salty air,

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Laurie from GA said...

Love the pictures, but your pretty face is missing! (Isn't that always the case?!?) We canceled our Rosemary Beach reservations and we'll be in SSI starting July 31st. When are you going? Hope our dates cross! ~Laurie