Monday, June 21, 2010

Sea World 2010....

~My beautiful Mother....who just happened to bring us here to Orlando...~

~Angie, Mom and Me at our favorite restaurant....The Rainforest Cafe~

~Amberlee, Mom and Jordan~

~Love these kids~

~Silly girls, Anna-Joy and Presley in the HUGE tub at our hotel~

~Arctic zone at Sea felt so good in here~

~okay, i had to include this picture...presley is freezing and joseph has to pee. we were in the arctic zone at sea world. it was the coolest (temp wise) place in the whole park! we loved it..except for trying to find joseph a bathroom...~

~Anna-Joy on a her little face~

~beautiful girl~

~Presley riding on her little horse~

~Presley looking tired, but still going....~

~One of the performers in the "Believe" whale show~

~Anna-Joy chatting it up with one of the female swimmers in the whale show...she was so sweet to Anna-Joy~


~amazing show...not quite the same since the female trainer was killed in February. very sad.~

~loved this picture...~

~watching the show, and excited~

~the background matches Joseph's shirt..haha!

~grabbing a bite to eat..and drink. it was so hot that day....100 degrees!~

~posing with a mermaid~

~the whole gang..minus Presley? where did she go?~

~can you see the sunscreen?? just a little oily...~


~my favorite girl..amberlee!~

~striking a pose in our hotel room~

What a trip! We had the greatest time in Orlando! Sea World was our main attraction, but we had a full week. Our hotel was packed with activities for the kids and a wonderful pool. I am so grateful to my Mom for taking all of us to this little piece of heaven. Lots of memories and much laughter make this trip unforgettable. I love being with these people, and I can't wait to go back again next year.

We stayed at the Marriot Grand Vista, and it was more than plush for our needs. A three bedroom suite was plenty for us to spread out and have our own space. The hotel could have been an attraction all on it's own. A lot to do, and very relaxing at the same time. My kind of place!

Thank you to my Mom for sweeping us away on this vacation. My heart is already missing us all being together under one roof. Next year is beckoning.....

"Sea" you soon,


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Sweet Inlow's said...

I love your "see the sunscreen" pic as we were just down in Sarasota and I proudly sported SPF 70, yes 70!!!

Great pics, looks like y'all had a wonderful time.

Yay Summer! ;-)