Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tips for summertime sanity....

~Joseph reading a book to Presley~

As we settle back into life at home after our beach trip, we are constantly looking for some excitement and entertainment around the house. I have a few things in my bag of tricks that work on long summer days at home...want to hear them? Here goes...

  • scavenger hunt~make a list of things that you find outside and give each child a paper bag with their names on them. Take them outside and give them 20 minutes to find each item on the list. The first one finished wins! Of course, it helps if one child can read the list. If they cannot read, you can call the items out to them while they are outside looking. Simple game, but hey, it passes time!

  • play dough~ my kids LOVE that sticky gooey stuff, and it makes for atleast 30 minutes of playtime! another bonus....IT'S CHEAP! two thumbs up!

  • outdoor picnics~this is probably my favorite and the kids favorite as well. we just take a big blanket or towel, pack some lunches up and sit in the driveway. granted, it is usually pretty hot, but we usually find a shady spot to land and it works perfectly.

  • jump rope~ good fun and good exercise!!! yay!

  • wash mommy's car~ all kids love to help wash cars, and it is a good way to get cooled off and get a suntan as well!

  • trip to the library~ gets you out of the house and is educational!!

  • older siblings reading to the younger sibling~ just yesterday, joseph read books to presley and was trying to teach her how to read. it was THE MOST precious thing that i have seen them do!! joseph was so patient with her, and she was hanging on his every word. i was so touched, that i video taped it and took pictures from their bathroom so they could not see me. i didn't want to interrupt the sweeteness of that moment.

okay, well that's all i have for now, if anyone has anything to add please feel free! this mommy is always looking for ways to keep the kids away from the t.v and video games that constantly lure their little brains to play them!! of course, when you need a long, peaceful shower, t.v or a good movie for the kids while do the trick, atleast for a few minutes!

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Laurie from GA said...

Oh...I love the scavenger hunt idea! I'll have to try it! We do lots of play-doh and crafts. (T.V. and movies,too --shhh, don't tell!)

I love your 'beach post'! Your pictures are so cute! Makes me want to go back!

Take care!