Thursday, July 10, 2008

90th Birthday Celebration!!!

On Tuesday we celebrated Granny Hill's 90th birthday!!!! She was in a very good mood and she thought the kids were so funny. We sang happy birthday to her, which made her smile! Granny Hill is the epitome of sweetness. I have NEVER known a more selfless and content woman in my whole life. Granny never complains about anything, and always has a soft smile on her face. Lem and I used to eat lunch at her home every sunday before we had children. We would call her when church was out, and she would have a full spread on the table in about 10 minutes. She is one amazing woman. We are so blessed that our children have gotten to know Granny and how special she is.

Here is the video of us singing Happy Birthday! We love you Granny!!!


Mary said...

Such special times! ;) There's nothing like grandparents - speaking of, I need to get back over to see Baba again.

Laurie from GA said...

Hey Jill!

Love, love, love your blog! You are such a sweet family and I'm so glad that our sandy steps led us your way! We're home and back to reality...less eating, drinking and laziness! But we had a perfect week! So glad to meet y'all and we'll definitely keep up with each other and hope to see you again!


Laurie from GA said...

Forgot to say that I am right there with you on the coffee thing! I can't get in bed unless it's all out there ready for me in the morning. And, if by some odd circumstance, I don't get it set morning is yucky! OCD!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Hey Jill, I am so glad I just looked at this and got to see Granny's 90th Birthday!!! How sweet. Hope you are all having a great summer, Love, Rach