Monday, July 21, 2008

St. Simons, good friends, and good times!!

~Presley and Joseph looking for shells~(not really, i just had them pose like they were haha!)

~ Smiling for the 1000th picture!~
~Once again, my favorite thing...toes!!~

~Ahhhhhh, alas a family picture...while Presley has her eyes closed...go figure.~

~ The fantastic four!~

~Riley the Rockstar, and her biggest fan.....Presley!~

~Riley, Presley, Reagan, and Joseph~
~ The mommies!!~

~Darren and Lem chillin in the sun~

~ The Greene's and The Hill's ~
~Joseph lost his second top tooth!! ~
~I love this picture of my boys!! ~
~Me and my sweet girl! ~

What a week!! I have so much to blog about today! We just returned from St. Simons, Ga after a week of fun, sun, rain, a little more rain, food, food, more food and lots of laughter!! A little rain didn't hinder good times for all on this trip, though. Our very good friends Darren and Tracey, and their beautiful girls Riley and Reagan joined us on our trip. My kids are absolutely head over heels in love with Riley and Reagan, and that may be an understatement! Riley is a rockstar in Presley's eyes! You should see how she looks at her, she idolizes Riley! It is the cutest thing that you have ever seen! All four children played more than exceptionally well together, which made for a very relaxing trip for us four adults!!

Darren is Lem's best friend, since like the age of three. They may as well be brothers, because they certainly act like brothers! They punch each other, tease each other, and all the things that boys do when they are together. It was a lot of fun to watch!

A big highlight of our trip was meeting another family at the beach, John and Laurie and their children, Sam and Lily. And lo and behold they live in Alpharetta, Ga.!!! They are such a sweet family, and our kids all got along so well together!! We hope to keep in touch with them, and maybe reunite at the beach again next year!! Laurie, I soon discovered, is a fellow blogger, which ofcourse delighted Tracey and myself! After learning that, we knew we had found a kindred spirit!! :)

Another highlight was Joseph loosing his tooth! He FINALLY lost his other top tooth! He looks so adorable! He was super excited that the tooth fairy was able to find him at the beach!! What a lucky kid!!

Tracey made her famous salsa twice on the trip, and we scarved it down like wild animals! I will post her recipe for all to see, because it is out of this world DELICIOUS!! Did i mention that Tracey is a wonderful cook?? She really needs her own show, she is THAT good!

Well, i could go on for days about this trip, but i guess i will end it here. I have ten tons of laundry beckoning me from the dirty clothes hamper.** **long sigh........violins, please****

Love to all!!


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Mary said...

Fun times with great friends what could be better??!!! :)
Love the pictures - such beautiful families. High fives to Joseph, that tooth fairy is one savvy guy!!