Monday, July 28, 2008

Farewell to the beach........

~Presley and her Daddy havin' a little fun~ ~Joseph and Daddy posing for me~
~Daddy and his princess~

~Jason, Andrea, Graham, and Ashley~
~Graham was way tooooo cool for the beach!~
~Mommy Jane, Joseph and Presley~
~I love this picture!! Just may be in your Christmas card this year!~

~William and Joseph breaking it down!~ ~ This was the cramped conditions my poor children were in coming down in Lem's truck!~

~The heavenly sunrise our first morning~

~The youngest beach bums, Danny and Ashley!!~

The Hill family made our last and final farewell trip to the beach this weekend, and although it was rather short, it was really sweet! We headed out on Friday afternoon, yes Friday, which made for only one day on the beach. Choosing to ride down in Lem's company truck made for a very cramped, yet economical ride! I couldn't help but laugh when i looked back at the kids as they had mountains of luggage and clothes in between them. They couldn't even see each other because of the junk we had sandwiched between them...which was probably a good thing. It actually made for a peaceful ride down.

When we arrived, we had dinner at Jason and Andrea's beach house. Jason is Lem's brother, and Andrea his wife. They have two gorgeous children, Graham, and Ashley. Also there was Lem's twin sister Jessica and husband Rob, and their beautiful boys, William and Danny. Last but certainly not least, the woman who made all of this happen in such short notice...the great, the wonderful, fantastic...........Mommy Jane!!! (Lem's Mom) :)

Jane had so graciously arranged for us to stay at the King and Prince for the weekend, and how grateful we were!! I had truly forgotten how NICE it is to stay on the beach!! Wow!! So with that said, after dinner our family, and Jessica's family headed to the King and Prince for the night.

I rose early the next morning to see the sun rise on the beach...which, by the way, is my absolute favorite sight in the world!! Presley of course, woke up with me to have breakfast on the balcony. As the world lay perfectly still, or at least it seemed that way, we watched a breathtaking sunrise right before our very eyes. My spirit was full of gratefulness and thankfulness as i sat there and watched the glory of God's creation unfold before my very eyes. My quiet time with the Lord that morning was the highlight of my day. As I sat there reveling in God's mercy and blessings in my life, I saw three sea gulls flying in an upside down V shape. I wanted to grab my camera, but the pure divinity of that moment wouldn't allow me to take my eyes off of the birds. In my spirit, I heard the words, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord, for showing me your love in that very moment. I realized in that moment, that God is always here with me, I just need to remember to take the time to look for him. Instead of getting caught up in the mundane activities of my life, if i will step back, keep my mouth shut and listen, He is there.

When the rest of the family woke up, Jessica and Rob went to the lobby to grab a Starbucks. As they were deciding what to get, they look over next to them and saw.................MORGAN FREEMAN!! They must have been a little star struck, they didn't say a word, but, hey, it's not every day you see a movie star at your hotel!!!

The rest of the day was spent on the beach, enjoying the warm, sunny weather and watching the kids playing in the ocean. Nothing beats going to the beach with people that you love!

Sunday morning we ate breakfast at The Sandcastle, and filled our little bellies to our hearts content. We said our goodbyes, and vowed to stay longer next year with better planning! :)

I am so blessed to be a part of the Hill family, i love you all!!!


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Mary said...

Jill!!! You had me tearing up about the sunrise over the ocean - that is my all-time favorite thing in the world!!! . . .Be still and know that I am God.
Such an amazing feeling when you know that you are actually living that verse, I wish I had that constantly, something to work toward.
So glad you had a great trip - too bad you didn't get the Starbucks, we'd have a cute little picture of you and Morgan!!! LOL ;)
love and hugs!