Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All about MJ......

~ MJ, William, Joseph and my baby girl Presley (the crying one..i told you she was born with that cry!!)~

~MJ, Presley and baby Ashley~

This post is dedicated to my second mother....Mommy Jane, who also happens to be my mother-in-law. Today was a fabulous day!! Mommy Jane offered to spend the day with us and take the kids shopping for new school clothes, and of course i happily obliged. After finding great bargains at Osh Kosh, Carter's and Gap Kids, we settled down for a quaint lunch at our most beloved little watering hole....CHILI'S!!

As if all of this were not enough, after we finished lunch she took us to Party City to get Joseph's birthday party decorations and goody bags! He chose a Star Wars theme, which came as no surprise. He is a HUGE fan of all things Star Wars, and i do mean ALL things!

Upon leaving Party City, Jane spots a kids hair cuttery, and she casually mentions, "would you like to get Joseph's hair cut before school starts next week?" Would I, Would I, YES!! That very thing was on my grossly overgrown, and ever growing list of things to do before the first day of school next Tuesday, which if i may add is also Joseph's 7th birthday!! Like the first day of school isn't enough without having to add the incredible responsibility of preparing for his grand arrival home ready to celebrate his big day and his first day of school! Would I like his hair cut?? I wanted to jump on top of her and plant a big kiss on her forehead. It's like she had secretly peeked at my to-do list and sweetly checked everything off in one afternoon!

I am delighted to report that the haircut turned out fantastic..not in a "fantastic Sam's" sort of way, but in a fantastic "not too much cut" sort of way! Y'all all know how particular i am about Joseph and his haircuts. He has had one too many butcher jobs for me not to be!!

We were exhausted on the way home and all i needed was a shot of caffeine to get me moving for my next agenda...Joseph's parent orientation at his school. As we arrived at her house, we transferred the newly purchased clothes and party supplies to my car and went on our merry way. And as if she hadn't already been kind enough, she had a cold diet coke in the fridge to hand to me for my drive home!! Now that's LOVE!! Just the bolt of caffeine i needed to survive the next 5 hours!

In short, Mommy Jane was everything that I needed today and then some. My gratefulness and thankfulness is beyond my limited imagination to express. So, I will just say that I love you, and you are an angel sent straight from heaven to me in so many ways. You seem to always fill our needs by your sheer thoughtfulness and generosity before we even realized we had a need at all!

~overflowing with gratitude,



Tracey said...

Oh how sweet!! I love mama Jane!! I love it when someone is able to help out in a way you need without having to ask!! I'm glad you were blessed yesterday!!!

Tracey said...

By the way.... I love the new picture of your family in your white clothes!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Filling up your love tank while loving on your kids - what's better than that?? Nothing!!!
Love Mama Jane!! :)
oh and the new pic is AWESOME!!!

Danielle said...

What a great day! I can't wait to watch my parents and Lee's parents love on Eli. I bet there is nothing like it!

Miss you!

Lori said...

what a sweet story - i was about to tear up after reading the 3 entried before - but i gotta tell ya, it was the cold can of diet coke that pushed me over the edge!!