Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Sunday....

Hi! It's Sunday. We are in the mountains with family.

It is glorious.

Nothing to do.

No laundry.

No cooking. (Mama Jane handles all of that)

Kids playing.

Adults eating.

And eating.

And sleeping.

And eating some more.

Lem has agreed to take me into town to look around.

I'm a little giddy to have some QT with my man. It's been too long.

I love this time with my family. I am cherishing it. Every second.

Hope you are enjoying your day too.

Okay, gotta go. Falcons play at 3:00.

Gotta be on the couch by 2:30. Or so Lem tells me.

Rising up!

[Not really. I'm really lying in a comfy chair. Hee hee. :) ]

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Girl Talk.....

Let's talk some girly talk, shall we?

I love beauty products, I do. Some people spend money on purses, jewelry, home decor, etc. I spend my money on products. 

My friend Lisa and I just had this conversation about what we like, and what floats our little girlish boats. 

If I could spend a whole day in any store it would be Sephora. Or Ulta. I'll take either one. See, I'm not picky or high maintenance. 

Something about the idea of transformation {via beauty products} inspires me! 

I've tried most products. I have come to the age where I pretty much know what I like and what I don't. HOWEVER, I discover new products on a weekly basis. Seriously.

My sister and I will find ourselves in hours of conversation about new products we have discovered. Oh yeah. It's true.

I love talking to my girlfriends about what they like and what they use and LOVE! 

So, I have made a small list of my favorite things right now. 

Let me know some of your faves. Share the good stuff, will ya? 

gets the frizzy frizz out of my hair.
LOVE this stuff!
plus it's sulfate-free.
if your hair is really oily...
don't try this stuff. 
my friend, Danielle, recommended this mascara.
it's a HIT.
thanks, Danielle!
long time winner of best eye make up remover.
there is no other choice, people.
this is IT! :)
Okay, perfume smells different on different people. I get that.
BUT, this is good stuff. It's my fave.
I get it every year for Christmas.
With the exception of this year?
Hello, Lem?
So, any close relatives reading this...
you know what I want for my closely approaching birthday.
(this is a gift set. under 50 bucks.)
i'm worth it, right?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Friends, Family, and the Flu.....

What a memorable Christmas this has been.

Sick the week before Christmas. Not just sick, but flu sick. Gross.

Just when I start feeling better, Lem gets a stomach bug on Christmas Eve. Double gross.

As I look back, fully healthy now, I see a small purpose in it all.

I see how God used that time to slow me down. To hear His voice. To have compassion for the sick. (Like, big time.)

He saw me going 500 million miles per hour and He wanted to slow me down a bit. Show me some of His goodness.

He showed me a husband who is loving.

Children who are healthy.

Friends who bring chicken soup and butternut squash soup. And lots of love.

Sisters  who arrange for my kids to be picked up from my house and be swept away for a fun day so that I could lay here and be miserable on my own. Truly she worked a miracle. Still not sure how she arranged all that, but she did.

Momma's who go to their granddaughters school Christmas party because her baby girl was crying and sick in the bed. I will never be able to thank my Momma enough for this act of sweetness. It was so hard for me to NOT be at her Christmas party on the last day of school. SO HARD.

However, I have such peace because my precious Momma was able to fill in that gap for me. Oh, and Presley enjoyed every second with her. Perhaps, even preferred her Maw Maw to be there. I am so okay with that. :)

I was also able to spend some one on one time with my Joseph. He was sick as well, not with the flu, thank goodness. We watched movies, talked, laughed, and laughed some more. All in between our moanings and groanings.

I'm so grateful for good health. Lord knows I have a new perspective on a healthy body after the last few weeks.

I'm so grateful for my friends and family.

I'm so grateful that although our Christmas was a little different this year, it was all about Christ. His Love, His Mercy, His Grace. That was the focus this year. More than any other year before.

I have a new appreciation for things.

For that, the flu was worth it.

getting that flu shot next year,


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new.....

Happy New Year Friends and Family!
May this year be FULL and OVERFLOWING
with God's BEST in your lives!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; 
the old has gone, the new has come!” 
(2 Corinthians 5:17

a glimpse of our party animal selves. ;)