Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Girl Talk.....

Let's talk some girly talk, shall we?

I love beauty products, I do. Some people spend money on purses, jewelry, home decor, etc. I spend my money on products. 

My friend Lisa and I just had this conversation about what we like, and what floats our little girlish boats. 

If I could spend a whole day in any store it would be Sephora. Or Ulta. I'll take either one. See, I'm not picky or high maintenance. 

Something about the idea of transformation {via beauty products} inspires me! 

I've tried most products. I have come to the age where I pretty much know what I like and what I don't. HOWEVER, I discover new products on a weekly basis. Seriously.

My sister and I will find ourselves in hours of conversation about new products we have discovered. Oh yeah. It's true.

I love talking to my girlfriends about what they like and what they use and LOVE! 

So, I have made a small list of my favorite things right now. 

Let me know some of your faves. Share the good stuff, will ya? 

gets the frizzy frizz out of my hair.
LOVE this stuff!
plus it's sulfate-free.
if your hair is really oily...
don't try this stuff. 
my friend, Danielle, recommended this mascara.
it's a HIT.
thanks, Danielle!
long time winner of best eye make up remover.
there is no other choice, people.
this is IT! :)
Okay, perfume smells different on different people. I get that.
BUT, this is good stuff. It's my fave.
I get it every year for Christmas.
With the exception of this year?
Hello, Lem?
So, any close relatives reading this...
you know what I want for my closely approaching birthday.
(this is a gift set. under 50 bucks.)
i'm worth it, right?


Heather Cook said...

You need to sign up for Birchbox! You would love it. You get fun samples of products in your mailbox each month! It is a fun little gift for yourself

Jill Hill said...

thank you for the heads up!!!

Laurie from GA said...

Hey! I love the moroccan oil leave in hair treatment and the L'Oreal mascara! Two of my faves!

Here's the link to the pumpkin cake and icing recipe:


Danielle said...

I love that Shampoo too!! SO glad you loved the mascara - it's my all time fave. :)