Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Sunday....

Hi! It's Sunday. We are in the mountains with family.

It is glorious.

Nothing to do.

No laundry.

No cooking. (Mama Jane handles all of that)

Kids playing.

Adults eating.

And eating.

And sleeping.

And eating some more.

Lem has agreed to take me into town to look around.

I'm a little giddy to have some QT with my man. It's been too long.

I love this time with my family. I am cherishing it. Every second.

Hope you are enjoying your day too.

Okay, gotta go. Falcons play at 3:00.

Gotta be on the couch by 2:30. Or so Lem tells me.

Rising up!

[Not really. I'm really lying in a comfy chair. Hee hee. :) ]

Happy Sunday!

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