Friday, August 2, 2013

Be Quiet.....

This is our Monday Memory Verse on SHINE this week.

I love this verse.

Perhaps because being still is hard to do these days. Especially as women. As wives, as mothers, as daughters, as sisters, as friends.


My mind is always going a million miles per hour. Thinking of this and that. That and this.

Lem always says that he has zero things going through his brain at any given moment. This fascinates me.

So, to be still is hard. Like, real hard.

This week, I have tried to live stillness. The kids and I went to the beach, so it made it a little easier to be still. I told the SHINE girls that I would not post this week, so that I could be quiet, and to give them an opportunity to be quiet before the Lord as well.

Along with this verse, the Lord nudged me to give up some things this month in order to live in stillness.

August is anything but still around this house. School starts, activities begin, carpool begins, and homework folders and classroom duties for 3 children.

It is super full.

It's been two days since I gave up a couple of things in order to be still. I really do not miss them. At all.

Twitter and Instagram were my two things. I write this so that I can keep myself accountable. My children are holding me accountable as well....and they love it.

These two things are not bad for me, they are just another distraction  at times.

God wants me still. So, still it is.

In a world that is anything but still....can we really be still before the Lord?

Is it really possible to quiet and wean our souls before Him so that we can hear His whisper?

I think it is.

When I was explaining this verse to my children, I gave them this example: Imagine you have on headphones. Now imagine I am in the same room as you and whisper something to you. Could you hear me? No. However, if you take off your headphones and anticipate my voice, you will hear me.

I think they understood. Or at least I hope they did.

They have decided to take on a challenge as well. They will write in a gratitude journal this month. Taking the time to be quiet and to be still before Him as well.

So, I offer you the same challenge. Will you be still before God this month?

Can you think of something to give up in honor of spending more time in His Presence?

I think as a new school year approaches, this will be just what I need.

He's always speaking , I just don't always hear Him.

Bring on the quiet,


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