Thursday, June 13, 2013

4 Days late and always at least a dollar short....

Day late and a dollar short on my birthday man's post. 
My plate is a little full these days. 
Rest assured, he was well celebrated.
He's finally 38!
 He caught up with me.
Yes, he's younger. 
But, only by a hair. 
No pun intended, darlin.
I love this young dude.
He's still hot.
I remember when I first met him.
He was so different than any other boy.
His country little accent....oh, I still swoon.
{Except when he's mad at me for overspending. No swooning then}
I love Lem's confidence. 
It's sexy to me.
He makes me feel beautiful. 
{even when I'm not feeling it even an ounce}
He loves me.
I love him.
We just fit.
Plus, we have cute kiddos.
One of each of us.
Joseph looks like me, acts like me, and loves to read like me.
Presley looks like Lem, acts JUST like Lem, and hates to read like Lem.
We have duplicated ourselves.
{Scary thought}
Lord, help them. 
In all sincerity. 

this is how i feel after forgetting to do Lem's birthday post.
{my tongue needs help. really, it does.}
Here he birthday boy!
This is us in the car on a pre-birthday date night.
Yeah, I swoon.

Joseph gives Daddy the thumbs up on his big day.
He's a little sweaty.
We had just finished a 30 minute run.
In 92 degree heat.
I sweat just remembering it.
Presley made his birthday breakfast.
be still my heart.
she does this for me too on my big day.
i love her.
sushi was the birthday boy's dinner.
i think we enjoyed it, what do you think.

Happy Birthday, Lem!
I sure love you!

{even after all these birthdays!}
wink, wink

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