Saturday, June 15, 2013

7 Quick Beach Takes...

St. Simon's Island June 2013

1.Here we go--Peace out dudes!
2. Hitting the beach--surfing style!
3. Look who we found--the Laffan girls! 
4. My Love and my favorite place to be. Ever. 
5. Silly girls being silly. 
6. Silly girls trying to be serious. I said trying.
7. The littlest loves of my life. 

1 comment:

Laurie from GA said...

These pictures soooo make we want to jump in the car and head to SSI! We have the usual Oct trip planned!!!

We're enjoying the new house,while still unpacking and swearing that we will NEVER move again! (I know we said that 10 years ago...) I hope to post an update soon.

Glad y'all are doing ok!