Thursday, June 20, 2013

You are always on my mind?

I sent this to our SHINE prayer girls, but feel very led to post this here as well.

I just want to encourage you {again} to stay in God's Word this Summer. If you are anything like me, your schedule is kind of all over the place right now.

Let's don't let this keep us away from the only thing we really ever need--His Word.

My kids are with me pretty much 24/7 right now, which is wonderful! However, this makes for not a whole lot of time for getting alone with Him, except for early in the mornings.

He is showing me though, that my time with them is a part of my time with HIM! When I am enjoying the laughter, the fun, and even the not so fun moments with them, it's all a part of Him molding me through being their momma.

I learn SO MUCH when I just soak in the chaotic moment with them, instead of hurrying along through my day waiting for a chance to sit down and relax.

Whatever your days are looking like right now, I encourage you to give your thoughts to Him. Give your Thanksgiving to Him! Just praise Him in your moments. It makes a HUGE difference in my day when I do this!

Just today, I lost my temper {again} with one of my children. As soon as I heard the words coming out, I wanted to reel them back in. Shoot.

It was just another opportunity to tell those little darlings that I have to work on my tongue too. I have to think, before I talk. A lot. 

Many times I miss the mark, and it all just comes out, ugly and all.

It just forces me to drop to my knees, and submit to Him my need for Him. My need to keep Him ever on my mind and in my thoughts.

So, when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and ummmm, angry-ish.....

  • Thank Him that you have kids to be with.
  • Thank Him that you have kids to discipline. {over and over} ;)
  • Thank Him that you have a house to clean. 
  • Thank Him for those orange-stained-from-cheese puffs fingers that you are constantly wiping clean. 
  • Thank Him that no matter what age your children are, it's never too late--or too early-- to teach them. Ever. 
  • Thank Him for these long days of Summer that give us extra time to be outside and enjoy His creation and wonder.
  • Thank Him for the job you have if you work outside of the home. Many are without a job. 
Perhaps this is all just a reminder to yours truly here to keep Him at the forefront. Of every area of my life.

always on my mind--or at least working on it,


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