Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodbye Saul.....

So, I had a Saul in my life.  Do you know what and who a "Saul" is?

It's someone that really rubs you the wrong way. Someone that you NEVER seem to say or do the right thing around. Someone that is just very, very, very hard to love.

I have healing now in this relationship. Completely. Like, unbelievably.

Here is what I have learned: MY heart was the one that needed to change. All along I thought that if this person would change, everything would be good.

Oh no, folks. MY heart was the one in need of a heart transplant.

It's true.

God is miracles.
God is victory.
God is love.

Totally, head over heels in love with the Lord.

He is slowly smoothing out these callouses, friends.

Just wanted you to know.

goodbye Saul,


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