Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dry mouth....

So, I have been a little bit busy these days. Oops, there's that word again...busy.

I don't like saying that word. I try really hard not to say it. It just sounds...selfish or something.

Let me rephrase the first sentence to this.."So, I have been a little bit "living life" these days."


I thought so, too.

Real quick, I wanted to share something.

You know how being a momma is hard, like really hard. It makes it harder when you rarely ever, ever hear words of encouragement or words of affirmation regarding the tiny little details that you have to piece together each day. For each child.


Yeah, you know what I mean.

You know how on those days where it's really tough and you see one little glimpse of glory? Like, when your child minds you, or someone compliments you on your child, or something like that.

Monday was one of those days for me. However, this didn't involve my children this time. It involved something near and dear to my heart, my first love...Jesus.

I was having one of those moments when I wonder: "Am I making a difference?? Like, does anyone even notice me? Does anyone even hear what I am saying?"

Y'all have been there, I know you have.

As I was having lunch with a friend, she spoke the sweetest words over me. Out of nowhere, like a little refreshing spring of fresh water from the Lord. My dry and crusty self, sopped it up! I KNEW it was the Lord speaking through her to me.

It was like my parched mouth had finally found the sweetest little spring in the whole garden.

She will probably never, ever know what those words meant to me, but the Lord knows...and I know.

It was just what I needed to be refreshed and keep moving on this journey. It was truly the wind beneath my sails for this week.

Isn't God just good? He knew I needed that word from Him. He knew I was in need of refreshment.

Oh, how I love Him.

I love how He give us just enough for the journey. Too much may overwhelm us, so He gives us just the right amount at the perfect time.

Oh, He's good. So good.

dry no more,


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Lisa said...

Oh Jill I wish you knew how much I can relate to this post.