Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in the bed....

Happy Easter, friends! 

I come to you by bed this morning. As I type away, I am dressed in my finest night gown. No make-up, no straightened hair, no cute accessories. 

Just you, me and my sick little girl. 

I'm sick too, but she has it the worst.

She is not happy. When she wakes up from her restful sleeping, she cries tears of sadness over what she is missing today.

No family gathering, no yummy food, no last Easter egg hunting, no nothing.

Just she and me. Me and She. (And you.)

Being the traditional gal that I am, I'm kind of sappy sad too. I mean, what about our 2012 family Easter picture that we take every single year outside on Mommy Jane's driveway--in front of the azalea bushes or magnolia tree?

Oh pooh. 

How about a cute dress and new white shoes that my baby girl will not be donning today?

Oh pooh.

How about some snuggle time with my baby girl. Just She and Me. Me and She. She and I. I and She.

Now that's worth all the high fevers and yucky tummies in the world. 

Her Easter pose.
I would post my picture--
 but if you look at it-
you may turn into stone.

Hello cute littleEaster dress-
on the hanger.
To be worn another time-
by a well 7 year old little girl.

Here's the good news:

He is Risen, indeed! 

No high fever and yucky tummy can stop that good news! Hooray!

an Easter to remember,



Anonymous said...

Guess, that is how i've been feeling for the last month as everyone went off to church and I stayed home for my service either on TV or from the NP web site. It was a joy to be able to go to church today but wan't the same as hobbled in on my walker and sat in the living waiting on everyone to show up for lunch...small crowd today. Thank god our pain is so little here on earth and temporary!

Happy low key Easter! Andrea

Rebekah Hudgins Vepraskas said...

I am so glad Presley is better! What a precious girl and sick memories are the consolation prize for mommies who miss their "babies." Reminding us what babes they still are.

Love you both!