Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home....

Well, today started with a BANG! Presley woke up at 1:15 a.m screaming with leg pain, and then proceeded to crawl into our bed to try and go back to sleep. Grinding her little teeth and kicking the whole night, I got little to zero sleep.

Later that morning, she cried that her leg hurt really bad and she was limping. She couldn't get off of the couch without assistance, and even assisted, she screamed bloody murder when I turned her a certain way. I immediately called Dr. Doud, Presley's pediatrician, and soon had an appointment.

Lem had to come home from work to help me get her in the car and into the doctor's office. She was dead weight and in excruciating pain. I am so thankful that he has a job that he can run home at the drop of a hat. Praise Jesus.

The doctor took one look at her and sent us straight to Children's Healthcare at Emory. I was a bit worried to say the least. We quickly arrived and checked in. An x-ray, several blood tests, and 5 hours later, we were on our way home. Halleluliah!

She is okay and already feeling better. The Doctor thinks she pulled a muscle in her soft tissue near her hip, or that it may be a joint infection from bronchitis she had 2 weeks ago. If that is the case, it would be viral, and untreatable with antibiotics. He said to give her Ibuprofen for a few days and see how she does. He assured us that it wasn't anything to worry about.

Talk about praising the Lord. Is there anything scarier than when your child is sick? Oh my was one of those "putting things into perspective" days. I am so thankful for healthy children. I feel so blessed to have her home with me tonight. As I was parking when we first arrived, I heard the very loud sound of a medical helicopter landing on the building. I shuddered as I imagined the child being transported. I tried not to go there in my mind, and instead said a prayer for that child and his or her family.

 This was our very first visit to a children's hospital, thankfully...and hopefully our last. However, we were very impressed by Children's Healthcare and had a seamless, despite long, experience at their hospital.

As I sit here typing, I am overwhelmed at the love and support of our friends and family that called and sent messages to check on our baby girl today. My heart swells with love for all of the kindness shown to us today. We truly have the greatest support system a family could possibly have. Not to mention that Dr. Doud called us this evening as soon as we got home to check on Presley. I love a doctor that makes house calls. He is so great. Thanks to my friend Mary for referring such an awesome pediatrician.

My little princess is sleeping right next to me, and I am without words to describe I feel to have her safe at home in my arms. God is so good to me. God is just plain good.

cherishing the gift of health,



Mary said...

Wow, Jilly! How scary. I'm so glad she's ok - whew, what a relief!!!!!!
Praying for her continued recovery and thanking God for good doctors.
Love y'all (and love the new look of your blog).

Sweet Inlow's said...

Oh Jill I'm so sorry you had such a stressful day. Much Love.

Tracey said...

Wow, what a day you had! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that! I know how scared you must have been. Praise the Lord it wasn't anything where they had to keep her over night. Glad you are safe at home!!! Love you,

Greer Dierkes said...

I'm so glad that everything is OK with Presley! I'm sure that was so scary not knowing what was going on...Praise God that you got some answers can treat her at home~

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Yikes! I am so glad Presley is ok, poor thing. Egleston is a great hospital, as scary as the trips are.
Love you guys!!!