Monday, July 5, 2010

The stuff.....

I just have to recognize my son for a minute. Can I just tell you how proud that I am of this boy? If I had a dollar for every time I asked God..."What did I ever do to deserve this child??"...I would be filthy rich. The answer is crystal clear....NOTHING. I have done nothing to deserve this child, but for some unexplained reason, God had blessed me with him to raise. I feel this about both of my children, of course...this just happens to be a story about my Joseph. :)

Such a daunting task it is to raise children. I mean, seriously. These precious little beings are in our physical, emotional, and spiritual care....for a very long time. I had this conversation with my friend Lisa about the huge responsibility of raising children. Forget about potty training, teaching them to ride a bike, reading to them nightly....I am talking about the other stuff. The stuff that shapes them into a Godly adult. Faith, Character, Patience, Love, Forgiveness....the BIG things in life. The virtues that will define them as adults. SHEW. A lot to ponder, huh?

EVERYDAY is a struggle for me to maintain an example to them worthy of reciprocating. It takes me "on purpose" trying, and trying really, really, really hard. You know? It is not a walk in the park, not even a jog in the park. There is nothing easy about this. Plain and simple. My flesh gets the best of me time and time again. However, those little runny nosed, sticky fingered, milk moustached little babies are worth every ounce of effort for me.

With that said, I could not be more proud of my son. He has decided, on his own accord to read the bible...the whole bible. Ummmm, I haven't even attempted to do this in my 35 years of life. Not that I haven't wanted to, just haven't quite gotten around to committing to such a task. He carries that big blue bible everywhere these days. He even took it to the gym today and read it aloud to some other kids in the nursery. I know those little ladies that babysit that gym nursery are wondering what planet this kid just fell from. Whatever the case, it just makes this little momma smile. :)

He may not last another cotton-picking chapter, but I am proud none the least. His heart is in the right place, and that my friends, is more than I could ever ask for. Joseph loves Jesus. What more could a momma want for her child?

Unfortunately I cannot take the credit for anything except loving the stew out of that child. God gets all the glory and credit for my two babies. He created them and is molding their hearts for Himself. Praise the Lord! I will continue to say until I draw my last breath that my children are teaching me more than I could ever teach them. Life is funny that way, I guess.

trying to see through the eyes of a child,


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Sweet Inlow's said...

Now that is amazing! A young man w/ a heart for the Lord. So cool Jill. Love ya.