Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Viva Las Vegas......

Viva Las Vegas!

~This is the Venetian hotel....modeled after the city of Venice....absolutely stunning~

~Our Vegas companions...Bart and Molly Roberts...this was their very first limo ride!~

~Lem and Me in the limo taking us to the helicopter ride~

~Our hotel room and us...~

~Our hotel...Paris~

~A stunning Eiffel Tower sits in front of the hotel..~

~Another view of our hotel..~

~This was at the airport in Vegas..~

~Out for a night on the town...~

~Being goofy and snapping pics of ourselves..~

~My handsome mate...~

~My dorky pose in front of our window..~

This past weekend, Lem swept me away on a trip to none other than.... Las Vegas!! He has always wanted to take me there, so this was extremely exciting for the both of us. We stayed at the Paris, which was quite stunning. The inside of the hotel was truly indescribable. Walking in the hotel, it seemed like I was walking onto a movie set. Not a detail was amiss with the architecture of this great hotel.

The sights were really something. Vegas is certainly not for the faint of heart. Whew. I just could not believe that this city was real. Anything goes in this town. And I do mean ANY thing.

By far the most memorable part of the trip was the helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon. Before I elaborate, I must tell you the story.

Lem calls me on my cell phone about 4 days before our trip and the converstaion went something like this..

Lem: Hey, baby! You are never going to believe what I have planned for us in Vegas this weekend.

Jill: (grinning from ear to ear) What is it, darling?? A cool show? A limo ride down the strip? What is it, do tell, do tell!

Lem: Well, I have booked a helicopter ride for us for Saturday afternoon. We will fly out of Vegas and fly over the Hoover Dam and into the Grand Canyon for a champagne lunch. It will be so romantic and a once in a lifetime scene.

Jill: (Click)

Click..meaning I hung up on him. Literally.

He knows I hate to fly, he knows that I hate heights, and he knows I am claustrophobic. What is he thinking????

I was so upset. Probably more upset at myself for not being excited, but either way, I was dreading this trip at this point. All I could think about was the helicopter ride and a crash landing into the Grand Canyon.

Needless to say, I sucked it up and obliged my sweet husband. Shaky legs, sweaty palms, and a nauseous stomach, I boarded that 6 seater helicopter. I swallowed my fear, and bit the bullet. After a 1o minute prayer and talk with God on the helicopter, I was loving it!! The view was breathtaking, and I couldn't take enough pictures!!

Thank you , Lem for making me come out of my fears and living life to the fullest. You are so good for me. Your passion and zeal for traveling and adventure is infectious. (most of the time)

I will post the rest of our pictures in the next post. So many pictures, so little time.

still jet-lagged,



The Parkers said...

Gorgeous pictures Jill! I'm glad you went -- what a great way to see the Grand Canyon, too. What a difference from the Vegas strip!

Happy early birthday my friend. Looking forward to seeing you tonight and hearing more about the trip!


Tracey said...

How exciting! I had no idea y'all were going! I am so proud of you for swallowing your fears and being obedient to Lem and his sweet plans for y'all!! The pictures are awesome...I can't imagine being there in person...